Pink Satin Custom Sleep Mask

$7.99 USD $15.99

Prepare to make a splash this summer with
the Pink Satin Custom Sleep Mask.
Introducing the Pink Satin Custom Sleep Mask, the epitome of luxury and style for your beauty sleep. 
Designed with both style and functionality in mind, the Pink Satin Custom Sleep Mask features a lightweight and contoured design. The adjustable elastic band ensures a secure and comfortable fit, while the gentle padding provides a soft cushion against your face, allowing you to sleep without any discomfort or pressure.
Surprise a friend or loved one with a custom sleep mask featuring their favorite Pink design, or create a matching set for a pink-themed sleepover.
☆☆☆Pink Satin Custom Sleep Mask☆☆☆
Perfect for Bachelorette, Sleepover Parties, Wedding and ANY EVENTS!
OS - One Size
Mask is coming with a bag (case)
Processing time 5-8 Business days. Please order Your Masks in advance
Shipping :
First Class - 4-6 Business days
Priority Class - 2-4 Days
Express Priority - 1-2 Days